2009-12-17      Quote from Ron King’s filmmaker journal: “How powerful it would be to have an actor like Eddie going through an emotional journey, silently, using some of these shallow depth of field techniques. In my mind’s eye, I could see Eddie with tears springing from his eyes after reading a letter. Dark shadowy backgrounds, shallow depth of field but with Eddie in razor sharp focus. Then I started to think about mundane life activities that Eddie could be doing before he got the letter. Things like arising from bed. Drinking a cup of coffee. Cleaning something. Then going and getting the letter, reading it and breaking down. But not with a body racking with grief, but with a burst of tears and an immobile expression caught in a kind of deep horrid beauty.” 

2016-January      “For several months I’ve had it in mind to make a film with Alexander and Eddie.”

2016-02-02           “There has got to be a specific relationship between Alexander and Eddie; one that goes deep and one that cracks with emotion – yet still I feel part of the story should be very quiet.”

2016-10-15           Ron King sends email to Alexander Cook and Eddie King re: desire to collaborate on film project.

2016-12-03           Ron King completes first draft of Visitor short.

2016-12-13           Ron photographs Alexander Cook & Eddie King.

2017                      Ron, Alexander and Eddie meet on a number of occasions to brainstorm story ideas. Ron writes several drafts of script. At the end of one table read Alexander suggests that the entire movie be silent with no dialogue. Ron re-writes a version of the story that has no dialogue. In later re-writes, minimal dialogue is added back in with the idea to keep the film mostly without dialogue.

2018-02-02           Ron goes on first location scout at Alexander Wright property.

2018-10-06           Initial schedule and budget produced by Two Dudes (Arndt Werling and Yufie Skylar Zhang).

2018-October      Casting: Jessica Janos cast as Woman and Ruby Chappelle Millstein cast as Abigail. Alexander Cook is Cliff and Eddie King is Leon.

2018-11-02           Locked cast and key crew positions.

2018-11-07           Anamorphic lens test and Sony Venice camera test. Ron and DP Rob Kraetsch eventually decide to use Rob’s Varicam and Zeiss primes enabling a lighter and more mobile camera package – but still shooting with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

2018-12-10           Ron and producers Arndt Werling and Skylar Zhang do second location scout with First AD Craig Blair, Production Designer Jared Carlson and EP Alexander Wright .

2019-01-12          Shoot – Day 1 of 2

2019-01-13          Shoot – Day 2 of 2

2019 Feb-May      Post

2019-06-06           Short submitted to tiff (Toronto International Film Festival)– first festival submission.

2019-06-10           First draft of feature script completed by Alexander Cook.

2019-07-22          Cast/Crew/Colleagues screening at Sony Pictures Entertainment