Visitor is the story of Leon (Eddie King) a farmer who is suffering from survivor’s guilt, moral injury and PTSD symptoms years after his military service in Afghanistan. The year is 2034 and Leon cares for his granddaughter Abigail (Ruby Chappelle Millstein) on the family farm when an unexpected visitor arrives. Cliff (Alexander Cook) is Leon’s high school friend and former squad-mate who has difficulty expressing himself due to severe injuries sustained during the conflict. The two men endeavor to find a way to reconcile, yet time alone does not allow them to heal the wounds of their hearts and minds.


Thank You Actors

Thanks to the talented actors who volunteered their time and talents to read the feature script of Visitor. Hearing the script read aloud marks an important milestone in the development process moving forward. Thank you and keep up the good work!

BTS Barn Scene

Actor Ruby Chappelle Millstein works with with Director Ron King as First AD Craig Blair and Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Michael Crumley look on. Camera stands by at the end of a 30 ft. jib in the barn set. Visitor, January, 2019 on location in Shadow Hills, CA. #indiefilm

First AD Runs the Set

First AD Craig Blair rounds up the troops for the next shot on Visitor. January, 2019 on location in Shadow Hills, CA. #filmcrew #firstad #runstheset #keepemrolling #andaction!

Light Moment On Set

Director Ron King and Executive Producer Alexander Wright share a light moment on the set of #visitorthemovie as actors Ruby Chappelle Millstein and Jessica Janos pass by the barn. January, 2019 on location in Shadow Hills, CA. #indiefilm #lightmoments #collaboration #filmart

An Actor is Prepped

Makeup artist Joanna Chen Jong and Costume Designer Swinda Reichelt prep actor Alexander Cook (Cliff) on a chilly night shoot for Visitor. January, 2019 – Shadow Hills, CA. #indiefilm #visitorthemoviedotcom #hardworking #cast and #crew

Film Lighting

Gaffer Michael Roddy and DP Rob Kraetsch light the breakfast scene in Visitor on location in Shadow Hills, CA. January, 2019.

Shooting Visitor on Location – January, 2019

Ruby Chappelle Millstein (as Abigail), DP Rob Kraetsch, Director Ron King, Eddie King (as Leon) shooting Visitor in January 2019. On location in Shadow Hills, CA. #indiefilm #workingactors #directing #visitoriscoming #intensityonset #allinadayswork #onlocation